About Carolyn Sweeney

As a local of the North Fork, I enjoy spending my summers on the Great Peconic Bay. I hold a Masters degree in Interactive Multimedia of Arts from CW Post and was the recipient of the Department of Arts, Excellence of Interactive Multimedia Award. I am fluent in a number of website skills including HTML, Java Script, Jquery and CSS. It is my belief that no matter what size the business, you deserve a professional looking site at a fair price. I also teach you how to use the site yourself, saving you the frustration of waiting on big companies to return your emails. You will receive prompt courteous service and  I will make every effort to have you become a satisfied customer.

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Our Rates

Web Design


Price upon meeting

Logo Design


Price upon meeting

Graphic Design

125 / Hour

Price upon meeting

Core Services

  • Conception

    You have the vision and we help you create it!

  • Design

    Once your ideas are laid out, we start to design the site. I create up to three mock ups at a time to help you visualize what the site will look like.

  • Coding

    Once the mock ups are complete, we begin building your site using the content management system WordPress.

  • Marketing

    In today’s web space it’s not just enough to have a website for your buisness – you need to market yourself. Social Media Marketing is the best way to get your site to the top of all the popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. We can help you with that!

  • Personal Tutorial

    Once the site is complete we help you take control over it by teaching you how to use it.