Opening line? Just the common, “Hey, exactly how could you be?” It tends to function.

Opening line? Just the common, “Hey, exactly how could you be?” It tends to function.

Finest time youa€™ve have? Once we wound up starting photos using the barman in a tapas place! Almost everything had gotten quite crazy.

The thing that makes your swipe correct? Visually, a fantastic laugh and attention.

Why is you swipe remaining? People in sunglasses. Ita€™s fancy,”Hello, We cana€™t visit your attention!”


21, York, Retail Associate

Whata€™s their Tinder bio? What I learnt at uni and my personal Instagram.

Opening line? I just be sure to desired one thing within images, like a concern.

Better big date youa€™ve have? Speaking for hours around dinning table inside the home with a takeaway.

What makes your swipe best? A very great smile.

The thing that makes your swipe remaining? So many selfies and the entire body photographs.


34, London, Head of Trading And Investing Service

Whata€™s your Tinder biography? Ita€™s deliberately clean.

Beginning line? “in which will you be from?” Everybodya€™s up for answering that.

Most readily useful go out youra€™ve have? Being taken to an excellent restaurant and having my personal wine choices defined completely toward sommelier. Ia€™d bring felt that behaviour on a night out together was tacky, but I found myself shocked by information behind they.

Why is you swipe correct? An individual who appears natural and whoever pictures are used by other people.

Why is your swipe remaining? When photos seem to include their exes.


28, Tipperary, Irish Performer

Whata€™s their Tinder bio? “Southern-Irish chap. Performer in Riverdance and also have traveled worldwide touring. Today show toddlers. Primary-school coaching level with German. Design. Love all sports; athletics, baseball, football. Animal partner a€“ specifically canines!”

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